Wedding Montages Designs

Wedding Montages are collections of photographs detailing a couple's dearest memories and their love story milestones.

If you are about to get married, you may be familiar with the local tradition of couples screening a childhood montage as a prelude to your first march-in. But do you know that in recent years, it has also become trendy for couples to screen one or more wedding montages to highlight either their beautiful proposal shoots or pre-wedding shoots, both before and during the event?

After all, you have already spent so much money and effort on capturing these beautiful and magical moments, so why not share them with your guests as well? Not only will screening our beautiful wedding montages help to improve the ambience of your venue, they are also video productions which you can place on your Facebook and Instagram account to share with friends who were unable to attend your wedding, or with your little ones in the future!

Click on any of the designs below to view a sample video.

Love Puzzle


Shape Of My Heart


Spring Blossom




Flutter Across The Sky


Night Lights


Overlapping Memories